Sunday, 14 October 2012

Framed again

For many, many years my paintings have been framed by Mike Thomas from Pantymwyn. Mike's work was of a very high standard and always dependable. Mike moved away a couple of years ago and I believe is in semi-retirement in Beaumaris, such a busy chap, hard to imagine Mike being even semi-retired!
During my recent Helfa Gelf Open Studio event a number of visitors asked if I framed my own work. I was flattered, but I do not possess the time, space or skill. All my most recent paintings have been framed by P G Framers in Wrexham Street here in Mold. Paul the owner is a highly trained craftsman with years of experience. I recently asked for a batch of 14 mounts in 7 different sizes for a series of limited edition prints. I called at the shop at about 10am to place my order then returned home, as I was having lunch I received a call from Paul to tell me that the job was finished and that he had also fitted the prints in their mounts! How fast was that! The prints are now on display in the gallery area of his shop.

23-35 Wrexhan Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1ET
01352 750011

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