Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another wall

Dry stone wall (Pastel, Ink and watercolour on board) 62cm x 52cm 
This painting will be on display at my studio during the Helfa Gelf Open Studio event every weekend this September.

In recent years I've painted quite a few pictures, usually landscapes. A very high proportion contain rocks. I like painting rocks, lots of them, and very often dry stone walls. In open or upland areas they provide shelter from the wind and rain for livestock and crops. Dry stone walls are also of great benefit to the environment, providing micro-climates for wildlife such as insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals like mice and stoats. They encourage flora, from lichens to mosses, ivy and various ferns. A dry stone wall is a piece of history which still serves the same purpose as on the day it was built. It tells us about the geology of the land beneath it and is an effective boundary that will outlast any modern fence. The Welsh countryside would be a stark, windswept and featureless place without our old stone walls.