Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Exhibitions at Erddig

About twenty years ago I was invited by Alister Winter Roberts to join him, Marion Christou and Joyce Webster in an exhibition at Erddig Hall in North Wales. As we all painted landscapes and lived in Wales it took very little imagination to come up with a name for our display. Over the years the shows proved to be very popular, we even made the front page of the Daily Post in full colour one year and our private views were as legendary as were our wine bills, we couldn't move for guests and we often wondered if the old floor could take the strain. The place literally bounced.

Over the years we invited a number of artists to join us including Vivian Pooley, Gerald Gadd, Brenda Bruce and Claire Halliday. Eventually Alister moved away to take up painting and drawing in the hills above Malaga in Spain.

We continued our shows at Erddig with Rod WIlliams, Neil Jones, Mary Cunnah, Christine Brown, Paula Salmons and Jill Plews all joining us in a variety of combinations.

Sadly, Alister died in December 2009.

Denbigh Library Gallery held an exhibition of Alistair's work 
Alister Winter Roberts. 1941 – 2009 from 14 May to 11 June  2011
A retrospective exhibition of work including watercolours, pen and ink and oils.

It was a wonderful opportunity to view Alister's beautiful work once more.

Unfortunately our group will not be exhibiting at Erddig again. Having shown work there for so many years I will be lost without it, but rather than just sit at home twiddling my thumbs I have decided to open up our home and display my work in the same way as I have been with the North Wales open studios event Helf Gelf over the last few years.

Information on my most recent activities can be found at http://alwyndempsterjones.blogspot.co.uk


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